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I Believe Orgasm is...


So much more than the 10 second party you’ve gotten used to chasing Available in all shapes and sizes. Not binary, but expansive. Complex, as is the way we experience life. Not accurately represented by society’s pornstar definition of how we are “supposed to” climax. The single most impactful power source we have, potent enough to bring about many kinds of change in our bodies, relationships, and lives. Capable of increasing your vitality, confidence, energy, intimacy, and more.


Ancient Eastern societies believed that each individual was the earthly manifestation of the God and Goddess. This belief held each individual responsible for their moral behavior to match that of the Gods. The Sanskrit word Namaste (na-ma-stay) exemplifies this concept. It is used as a greeting and means "the divine in me sees the divine in you." When we can overlook the little nuisances that bother us about our lovers, & hold our lover in a divine light, our relationships are much more fun and meaningful.



Tantra Experience Session...


You will learn the ancient art of Tantra at the same time as experiencing it.

Imagine a space, where you can enter an understanding of your sacred self with lessons from your sacred Goddess, where you can be more in tune with your sensual self and learn all about your inert sensual potential.



Lingam Red ... 


A structured lingam session on the Massage Table or on Futon. This session is designed to introduce you some of the basics of Tantra. With a full body touch and going through the mixture of the pranayama with the body dynamics and how each breath fits into the sensual posture and position you are then guided into a sensual and erotic stimulation. This is where the energy builds up in your body and you are experiencing a powerful erotic energy in the body where you learn to both experience bliss and be able to control it. Release is generally the ending. $250 1hour.   $300 1.5hr.



Lingam Blue ...


This is conducted on the Futon on the Floor. A beautiful body to body experience. Allowing you to surrender to the goddess in a state of bliss. Body slides, going through the cobra breath and then moving into frontal bodywork and then finishing in Yab Yum position ... here is the chance to be dynamic with your body and more intimate with the practitioner. Sensual stimulation of the lingam is dominant in this session and you are enticed in more ways than one...   $300 1hr   $400 1.5hr.  With sensual bath.


Lingam Black ...


A gorgeous sensation. A beautiful experience. Going through the different postures and positions of the Kama Sutra.. lingam black entices you into several different positions... like the woman on top, missionary, cat/cow (doggy), yab yum, spooning and attunements... here you are simulating different postures and positions... no intercourse... Here is your chance to experience the control levels and learn to sustain them in ways that you never thought possible... challenge yourself to that of the lingam black...    $400 1 hr... $550 1.5hr. With sensual bath.


The Tantric Level 1 - 3 sessions below offer opportunities for guided couples to participate with each other...


Tantric Level 1 - Couples

    Yab Yum


"Let the man, ascending the throne of love, Enjoy the woman in ease and comfort ."   Ananga Ranga


Beautiful Yab Yum.. Like a lotus flower, opening and closing, this session will involve a journey through Tantric arenas and bring you out of the journey a whole new person. Goddess Mona will guide you toward a firm foundation of Sensual Massage, Rituals, Oils, Insence, Temple Ambience, a Tantric ritual chamber like you have been summoned by the sexual energies yourself. Worshipped by each other's divinity. You will feel the freedom as you step out of Sensual Massage levels into Tantric Sensual Skills. 


 For couples for private lovemaking, this is a powerful way to really entice each other to connect on a more deeper level. Such a profound experience, such a powerful connection. You will return again and again. Going through many elements that extend the reaches of just Bodywork, you are taught sensual skills that encompase Tantra.


 Initial Session $750      NOTE: A Pre-Session Consultation Required to Schedule.



  Tantric  Level 2 - Couples

 Exotic Tantric 


"Do not unite with a woman until you have excited her with playful caresses and then the pleasure will be mutual "


The Lotus Flower: Finding her Sacred Spot


Exploring ways and techniques that focus on the ultimate pleasure for the woman.  


The Wand of Light: The Lingam

Ewxploring  ways and techniques that focus on the ultimate pleasure for the man.



For couples for private lovemaking: this is a powerful way to really entice each other to connect on a more deeper level. Such a profound experience, such a powerful connection. To reach this level with your partner, you will find that you will be able to sustain new heights of pleasure and control far beyond the your normal self.  You will return again and again to experience the sharing possible though giving and receiving contact. Goddess Mona will be everlasting in her pursuit of sharing with you the healing and sexual skills that are part of Tantra.

$500   90 minutes - Prerequsite Tantric  Level 1


Tantric Level 3 - Couples

Transcendent as One

"Sendering.... is just the beginning, not the end. But if you miss the beginning, you will miss the end also " Osho


 You will have learned the fundamental lessons of Tantra, and now will travel to open the Chakras and fully connect with your partner, assisting in awakening your Kundalini. White Tigress techniques, Kama Sutra, Tantra, Taoist, Submission and Surrender, all intertwined in these fabulous sessions.

$650   90 minutes. - Prerequsite Completion of Tantric  Level 2


Move onto the love act so deeply that the actor is no more.

While loving, become love.

While caressing, become the caress.

While kissing, be the kiss. 

Lord Shiv









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