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Safe, Sane, and Consensual

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Lay your lover on the Kinky, platform bed  into to fuck on in numerous positions and has built in bondage restraints! Put your puppy, pet or sub in the Puppy Cage so they can pleasure themselves or be punished. Milk your partner on the Milking Table, a sexy table that looks like a massage table at first glance, but comes with restraints and two sex holes for face and genitals. 

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 The thin line between fantasy and reality is discussed and explored when it comes to bondage, kink and even fantasy role play! Whether it’s kinky dreams you’re interested in or erotic cosplay, what some people love to watch may not be what they actually enjoy in real life. Luckily, there are still ways to enjoy those things that make our pulse quicken without bailing on the hope of being part of a scene that we’re not prepared for yet (or that is based in an alternate reality of aliens and monsters!).



Aftercare can be generally put into two categories: physical and emotional. Physical aftercare includes things such as helping remove any paraphernalia like restraints or blindfolds, getting your partner something to eat or drink (blood sugar levels can be important to pay attention to), providing a blanket or warm clothing, kissing or caressing any part of their body, or specifically to area that may have been marked during play, or  providing affection and comfort in a quiet place.

An intimate massage can be a great way to connect with your partner while offering a comforting touch, and a warm massage oil can sooth both your muscles, and the skin if you were engaging in impact play. A bath or shower is also great; it serves a practical clean up purpose as well as letting you both share an intimate and relaxing moment!

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